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Interview with Sunday Observer

Janidu Samaranayake, writing under the pseudonym, Auryn Miryashi, has one fantastic story to tell! His book, “Crystal’s Tale’ is a children’s horror novel that takes us on an exciting and thrilling tale of fairy Godmothers, animals that talk and magical dust that opens and closes doors to anywhere you wish to go!

Crystal’s Tale.

Contrary to all beliefs, not all Fairy godmothers are the kind, warm-hearted, twinkle eyed magical creatures who will make children’s dreams come true with a swish of their wands. Crystal had been waiting for her own fairy godmother to come for years, but on the very day she decides to not believe in fairy godmothers anymore she accidentally meets Griselda; a grizzly, ghost-like, paper-skinned musty smelling figure who stands over Crystal in the middle of the night trying to touch the little girl’s forehead with her rotting fingers. Griselda is not your everyday fairygodmother. To Crystal’s horror and contrary to…

The Mystery of the 35th Floor is released.

In 2011, at 15 years of age, Janidu released his first YA novel titled “The mystery of the 35th floor.” This was his stepping stone into a passionate journey in writing. Although this was his first publication it was his second completed manuscript. “When I was 11 years old I wrote a book called ‘The Mystery of the Blue Diamond which was never published’ says Janidu. “The 35th floor on the other hand was something I gave my father to read who went on to say ‘you should publish this’ ”.  The book was released at the National library services…